Traffic Alarm - Manage Your Routes

Traffic Alarm

Traffic Alarm is our new easy-to-use app to manage the routes which you often drive with your car.
No need to enter destinations again and again in your phone or navigation system. Just save the route in Traffic Alarm and...
take a look at your route BEFORE entering the car and check the traffic situation.

1x1 Made Easy - Just Released on the Appstore

Your kid will love the multiplication table.
The app „1x1 Made Easy“ allows kids (age 4-9) to have fun whilst learning and practicing the multiplication table with the help of beautiful graphics and sounds.

Learning Module
Kids can independently learn the multiplications table easily and effectively – an optimal preparation for success in elementary school

Practice Module
In a playful environment, multiplication and division can be practiced. It will not become boring: The exercises appear in a random order.

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