1x1 Made Easy

Your kid will love the multiplication table. The app „1x1 Made Easy“ allows kids (age 4-9) to have fun whilst learning and practicing the multiplication table with the help of beautiful graphics and sounds.

Learning Module
Kids can independently learn the multiplications table easily and effectively – an optimal preparation for success in elementary school

Practice Module
In a playful environment, multiplication and division can be practiced. It will not become boring: The exercises appear in a random order.

Learning Success

  • After every eight exercises an evaluation of the results shows up. You can see which exercises your kids have answered correctly or wrongly and how many scores they have achieved (depending on speed of solving tasks)
  • Every player can be added to the high score list if they did well enough
  • The time limit for solving an exercise can be adjusted
  • Correct results are rewarded with funny owls


  • Available for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
  • English, German, French and Spanish Versions
  • iOS 5.0 or higher required

Learning Mode

Practice Mode

Learning Success